Safety Is Our Top Priority

FireFly Media Group only uses FAA licensed pilots.

WE ARE FAA LICENSED PILOTSPart 107 / Section 333

FireFly Media Group operates under FAA Part 107 flight rules and has been granted an exemption by the FAA to operate UAVs for closed set Motion Picture and Television productions. What does this mean for your production? Our FAA license allows us to conduct commercial flight operations within the United States. In addition, we have been granted permission to conduct commercial flight operations in 18 countries worldwide.
  • Part 107 Regulations
  • Nighttime Operations
  • Liability Insurance

FireFly Media Group only uses FAA licensed UAV pilots. All of our aircraft are registered with the FAA and are able to operate commercial flight operations within the National Airspace System. The majority of our flights are flown under FAA Part 107 rules. Below are our general guidelines for flight operations:

  • Fly at or below 400 feet when in uncontrolled airspace (Class G)
  • Fly within visual line of sight, keeping the drone within the operator’s sight unaided and at all times
  • Never fly over groups of people or public events

We are able to operate in controlled airspace (Class B, C, D, E) however, this will require approval from ATC.

  • When planning flight operations, the location address is required to check airspace requirements
  • We generally require a minimum of 72 hours advance notification for operations in controlled airspace

FireFly Media Group has been granted a waiver for 14 CFR §107.29 Daylight Operations, allowing us to legally conduct commercial flight operations outside of FAA daylight requirements in uncontrolled Class G airspace. Nighttime flight operations may be conducted in controlled airspace (Class B, C, D, E) but will require ATC approval.

General Liability Insurance
FireFly Media Group carries $1M in general liability insurance. We are able to increase our coverage as needed per project up to $25M. If your production requires more than $5M in liability insurance, please let us know at the time of query.

Aviation and Hull Insurance
All of our aircraft, gimbals, cameras and lenses are covered under our aviation specific insurance policy. Any gear provided by production to be used on any of our aircraft will NOT be covered under our insurance policy.

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