We are FireFly MediaSpecializing in cinema quality UAV aerials


We are a group of cinematographers who build and fly UAVs for a living.

Who we are

FireFly Media Group specializes in UAV (drone) cinematography and photography. With years of production experience, we understand the needs of Directors and Directors of Photography as well as the production environment in general. We have a Section 333 exemption from the FAA to conduct aerial filming operations for motion picture and television productions, carry liability insurance to $2M and have equipment insurance for camera packages up to $35K. Limits can be increased per project as needed.

What we do

Our heavy lift platforms are dedicated to flying cinema quality cameras- Canon 5D MKIII, C100, C300 and C500, Red Dragon, Red Scarlet, Sony FS7 and Black Magic Cinema Camera (4K, 2.5K and mini). We can provide a camera operator or you can provide your own. All of our UAVs have video transmit for the camera op and pilot as well as GPS navigation waypoints for precision flying. We have machines to work with all levels of budgets. Let’s talk about your project.

 Our Skills


Our Equipment

  •  Custom built Cinestar X8 for heavy lift applications such as the Red Dragon
  •  Custom built Cinestar CS6 for DSLRs
  •  Customized DJI S1000+ to fly Movi M5
  •  Custom built quad for high resolution stills (36-80 megapixels), thermal imaging, and 3D LiDar imaging

Some facts about us

Total Number of Flights
Total Minutes of Flight Time
Total Invested in UAV Equipment


FAA Exemption


FireFly Media Group has been granted a FAA Section 333 exemption for commercial flight operations in closed set motion picture and television production, allowing us to fly closed than the standard 500 feet from people and buildings.

 View our FAA Section 333 exemption.


We at FireFly Media live at the cutting edge, the ever evolving intersection of art and technology.  With a strong foundation in photography and cinematography Firefly Media launches from the forefront of technology and uncovers unique perspectives of the world around us.  Our tools are the Arri Alexa Mini, Red Dragon, Black Magic Cinema Camera or Canon C500 and the sky is our playground.  

We master the mysterious 400 feet between the earth under our feet and the FAA floor, a new frontier of possibilities.  A place where jibs and cranes are out of reach and full size helicopters are not permitted.  We are explorers and innovators.  We stretch the limits of UAV and sUAS technologies for visionary clients.  We are not bound by gravity. We are Firefly Media.


  • Cinema grade cameras:
  • -Red Dragon/Epic
  • -Alexa Mini
  • -Canon C300/C500
  • -Black Magic Cinema 4K/2.5K/Micro
  • -5DMKIII/GH4


  • 36MP to 80MP still cameras:
  • -Phase One iXA
  • -Canon 5D-SR
  • -Sony A7RII
  • -Velodyne HDL32E LiDAR
  • -FLIR A65 for aerial thermography

Sales and Repairs

  • -Custom built UAVs
  • -DJI WooKong M and A2 installation
  • -Transmitter programming
  • -Custom built brushless gimbals
  • -Wireless video
  • -UAV Consulting


A few of our recent projects

The Team

Meet the guys behind FireFly Media
Chris Odom Chief Pilot/Director of Photography
Matthew Lavin Gimbal Operator/Camera Tech
Benny Paulino Gimbal Operator/Visual Observer


Let's work together!
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